A Smack Upside The Head

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About the book

Lots of business books give you the standard "hero's" story, from going broke to finding your turning point on the journey to success. Chris Makell's story is the "smack upside the head" that every entrepreneur must experience no matter the journey, to achieve true success while creating significance in your world.

This insider's guide delivers:

  • The state of affairs for today's entrepreneur and how to capitalize on it no matter where you are
  • M-o-n-e-y, what it really means to your ultimate success as an entrepreneur
  • Three keys to unlock propserity in your business, miss them and you will go down in flames
  • The Blazing Business Success System(TM) that serves as the blueprint to experience how to "think bigger" in business
  • Introducing Exquisite Client Care(TM) the gateway to more "hungry" prospects and delighted clients who refer you.

    Wake up to your success today!

  • What others say about the book
    Daphne Bousquet
    High-end workshop/seminar strategist, 3-time Olympic Diver and expert judge on the Dutch TV show Celebrity Splash
    Every entrepreneur needs a smack upside the head every now and then. Chris Makell delivers her loving smacks accompanied with insights and no nonsense guidance. She reframes the way you look at your business and her Blazing Business Success System gives you the tools that you can apply to your business right away. Recommended reading for all business owners!
    Jane Lee
    Marketing Development
    Finally, there is a Dr. Spock Handbook for the Entrepreneur! A Smack Upside The Head provides the three keys to unlocking prosperity in your business. The assessments and exercises puts each in perspective with a clear direction on your journey to business success. A must read for every entrepreneur or one considering becoming an entrepreneur.
    James Malinchak
    Featured on ABC's Hit TV Show, "Secret Millionaire" and co-author of the Top Selling book Chicken Soup for the College Soul
    www.malinchak.com and www.bigmoneyspeaker.com
    If you are any type of entrepreneur or business owner, A Smack Upside The Head will help you overcome challenges, failures you've encountered and roadblocks that are in your way to achieving success faster than you ever dreamed possible. Do yourself a favor, read it, absorb it, use these amazing strategies and then give Chris a call, hire her as your coach/consultant, you'll be so grateful you did.
    About the Author
    Chris Makell is an international speaker, author of the book “A Smack Upside The Head,” entrepreneur, and coach/mentor to the experienced entrepreneur and small business owner. She guides businesses to implement Exquisite Client Care™ and Client Choreography™ strategies, which attract high paying, affluent clients and keep delighted, loyal customers. With extensive experience as a business owner and more than 25 years in high-level corporate leadership positions at IBM, she delivers a no-nonsense approach and unwavering support of her clients along with a depth of experience, knowledge, and expertise in marketing and business development. Chris is a highly sought-after speaker, event host, consultant and certified coach/mentor whose abiding passion is in guiding global entrepreneurs and business owners to “think bigger” about the superior value they bring to their clients while delivering a greater impact and contribution to their market and the world. Connect and learn more at www.chrismakell.com or via email at Chris@ChrisMakell.com.